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I have had some interest in Pat and I’s homemade almond milk, so what better way to share it with everyone then on Growing My Life.  I love to see that not only Pat’s cousin took the time to inquire about our technique, but so did our friends. That really shows Growing My Life is helping others live happy healthy lives!  Because of this interest, I am excited to share all of our recipes and adventures in life with all Growing My Life readers and I hope you feel the excitement to share as well.

Pat and I first got the idea of making our own almond milk while in Canada.  Pat was determined to make it when we got back to the states.  You see, he wanted to save me money and get me to try new things with my coffee.  I absolutely love coffee!  While in Canada I tried tons of independent coffee shops, getting my signature French Vanilla Latte at each cafe.  Little espresso, little french vanilla and a splash of milk is so yummy!  For me, the espresso has to be just right with a little french vanilla as to not over power the espresso with sugar.  That is my perfect latte.

I make most of my coffees at home here in the states.  We travel out to different coffee shops on the weekends to blog and try other’s take on the French Vanilla Latte.  I loved almost every coffee shop in Canada.  The lattes are no where near as sweet as they are in the states.  The sugar just ruins the espresso flavor.  I was starting to get frustrated and Pat suggested trying a different milk, maybe that was the answer.  I tried coconut, almond, soy and organic.  Nothing is the same as my Canada lattes.  So, I came to the conclusion that those lattes will forever be a treat for me when Pat and I go back to Canada.  Which is super fun to look forward to and I cannot wait for our next adventure!  I absolutely love Canada!


Me and my latte from Cherry Bomb Coffee on Roncy in Toronto, ON, CA. – June 2013.

Pat and I decided to make healthier lattes by using fresh almond milk and oh my gosh the difference!  Whatever you use your almond milk for I hope you can try making your own.  It is just simply delicious!  Possibly because it does not contain all those crazy chemicals you find in store bought.

Here is a little background on almond milk; almond milk is an alternative to cow’s milk pure and simple.  It is hard to say where milk falls in the paleo world.  Infants need milk to kick start growth.  The AAP states that humans absorb cow’s milk better then plant-based alternatives.  Then you have some with allergies.  After all the research I have done for myself on the subject of cow’s milk vs. almond, soy, or coconut, I have come to my own conclusions on what is best for my body.  Pat and I are paleo eaters, I take that into account as well when consuming dairy products.  Store bought milk alternatives are just packed full of chemicals, especially sweetened alternatives.  So if you are going to go paleo and have dairy, make your own raw almond milk or try organic raw milk.

It is truly a personal preference.  From losing weight to allergies to pure taste, there are so many milk options out there to try.  Always monitor your intake!


Step 1. Soak your almonds overnight.


Step 2. Pinch off the outer shell and toss into blender.


Step 3. For every one cup of almonds, add two cups of water to the blender.


Step 4. After blending for 2 to 5 minutes, pulse a few times to break up any remaining almonds.  Next, pour almond milk and strain into a cheese cloth.



Your end result will be yummy almond milk and almond pulp!  Save the almond pulp.  There are tons of delicious paleo recipes out there using fresh almond pulp, such as brownies and crackers.  Give them a try!  Pat and I made almond flour out of our pulp.  (Click on the links to get the recipe!)


You can add natural sweetners to your almond milk such as honey and agave if you want it a bit sweeter.  Comment your thoughts and recipes for us all to try!  I cannot wait to hear what you do with your almond milk and pulp!

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