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I have not written much about our new lives in Arizona.  Coming from a small town in the midwest, Arizona was suppose to be HUGE!  As Pat and I travel more I have noticed how small this world actually is!  I got a job in Gilbert, Arizona working for a clinic.  It is not my dream job but I absolutely love the patients.  I met so many people from all over the world.  Arizona is a popular place for retirees.  Also, a majority of them were from the midwest, some right from my neck of the woods.

AzuleAZA day in the life of “us” went something like this, wake up at 4am and go to the gym.  Get to the clinic by 7am and work like crazy until 5pm.  Get home and cook dinner while Pat still works until about 7pm.  Eat dinner and chat about all the angry people I saw that day.  It was rare I ran into someone having a good day at the clinic, unfortunately.  We began to see our lives looking a lot like our old lives from which we ran from.

To spice things up Pat and I would find fun Arizona things to do.  For example, we went to what I would call the world’s largest flee market!  We walked around for HOURS!  It was crazy full of items and fun interesting people.  It was interesting to see and experience.  I can say this though, we found out flee markets are not our thing.

So we try something else.  We spent a lot of time at our pool, relaxing.  Our daily 9 to 5 jobs were so stressful that days by the pool were our drug!  Pat and I cannot get enough of the sun’s energy.  I would stay in Arizona forever just to get more sun!

The fresh markets and farmers markets were a thrill for us to visit!  We would frequent the fresh market once a week for our groceries   We also visited the farmers market where we purchased no fresh produce ironically, only hummus and pita chips, a cheesecake made by a local, and cookies!  It was the experience that we most cherished.

So all in all after this long post, I am trying to say life in Arizona was not what we were looking for.  Same shit different back drop.  Pat and I began looking for our next big adventure!

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