baby d turns one

I am so happy and proud to announce that my nephew is turning one!  He is the first son of my little sister, a person admire!  I am the second girl out of four girls in my family.  My sister was born two years and two weeks after me, that makes us besties!  I am so very proud of my little sister.  She is one of those people that you might not talk to for weeks, months or maybe even years yet when you do get together, nothing has changed.  Except maybe hair color ha ha.  She is always there when you need a friend.

My sis has a lovely family that she and her husband support fully.  These are three of my most favorite people in the world!  They are very comfortable people, you just feel welcomed when you are together.  I miss my little sister and her family lots, especially on Baby D’s first birthday!  I wish I could be there in person to celebrate with them!  He is just so darn cute!



Happy Birthday Baby D!  Do not grow up fast.  Enjoy every moment of every day.  And experience as much of the world as you can…there is so much to see and so much to learn!


  • Damon and I miss you lots!!! I wish you weren’t so far away 🙁 I’ll take lots of pics for you so it’s like you are here for his party

    • You are so awesome! I hope baby d had such a good time and ate tons of yummy cake! He is probably passed out with a sugar coma by now! Happy Birthday to the little man with no pants!


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