chasing dreams

Well, I did it!  I should say we, did it.  Patrick (my better half) and I moved to Arizona, the above picture is our new view!  On paper, one could say I had it all.  I was a microbiologist with great pay and benefits.  A part-time phlebotomist, again with great pay but most of all my coworkers were amazing.  As well as the patients.  A great house, car, etc.   I have an amazing boyfriend and wonderful support system from friends and family.  I knew just about everyone in my small home town.  But something was missing.  Have you ever felt like you are just too big?  This is how I feel sometimes.  Iowa was just too small.  Here is the story…


Pat and I have known each other for…ever!  We grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone.  At the time of our high school graduation, we had to say our goodbyes.  I went off to the University of Northern Iowa and he stayed.  UNI was not what I expected so I transferred to the University of South Dakota.  Here is where I met my best friend ever!  I call her Ham, and we are still besties to this day!  Meanwhile, Pat was going to college, working as a programmer and moving from Omaha to Lincoln and back again.  His job brought him back to me in Sioux City about three years ago.  I am a small town gal and Pat is a city boy.  He wanted, and still wants to this day, to show me everything.  I like to think I have more guts then he though ha ha.  I was so ready to see everything!



We saved up some money over the course of a year.  I quite my two jobs and told all my friends that we were hitting the open road.  We decided to leave everything behind, granted that was not much.  We do not like to keep a lot of material items.  Too much baggage to carry while traveling the world!  We packed up our cars and drove the 1,452 miles to Phoenix.

Now here we are.  No furniture.  No jobs.  No friends or family.  It is 80 degrees here and back home, it is snowing!  I will admit, I already miss the snow.  You only live once.  I want to see it all!  Experience everything possible.  And who better to hold my hand in the process than my Patrick.

I cannot wait to share all my stories and travels with you!

Keep reading, it’s gonna be big!


  • Yes. Very nice house. You two did a very nice job fixing it up. Cathy and I love it. Thank you!

    • You are so welcome! I really enjoyed fixing up a house. It is pretty fun. Did we ever show you the before and after pictures? The kitchen was green and the bathroom was pink, including the tub!


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