dumpster chair

Pat and I were planning what furniture to get for our new home and I wanted a chair for the living room.  Something very simple and not a lot of money.  Yet, I wanted it to match and be modern and trendy.  Minimal as well, nothing too much.  Are you seeing my vision ha ha.  I found some modern chairs online but everything was so expensive, sadly.  I then turned to craigslist.com but after a month of searching I still found nothing.

And there she was!  One day after coming home from the grocery.  Just sitting all alone next to the dumpster.  I brought the chair upstairs to the apartment and Pat thought I was crazy.  She was in very rough shape and had a bit of a pungent smell.  All things that could be fixed of course!  I told Pat that he had to see the potential!  I just could not believe someone would just toss out a lovely wooden chair!  Crazy!


See, perfectly good chair!  I was so excited because I knew I could make her look fabulous and save so much money! I am still very proud.

At this point I washed the chair and got all the cobwebs and dirt off.  I then had to sand down the entire chair.  This took a lot longer then I had anticipated!  Oh gosh what a workout.


This is when I realized one of the back legs was completely split.  Now I know why she was by the dumpster.  No problem easy fix.  I went to Lowe’s and got some wood glue.  Easy as pie…wrong!


Now I had to call in the reinforcements.  Pat sent me back to Lowe’s for wooden dowels.  When I got back Pat drilled a hole in both the chair seat and the wooden leg.  Popped the dowel in with some glue and voilà!  Chair leg is fixed and I can continue sanding.  Who knew Pat was such the carpenter.

Now that the chair is clean, fixed, and sanded I spray painted it a lovely blue to match the new theme of our living space.  I also added a little touch of Pat and I to the bottom of the chair.  Pat was so sweet in helping me with this part.  We painted our names and our anniversary date on the bottom and sealed it was two thumb prints.  Cute.


My dumpster chair is just about finished now.  I took the chair back outside for one more coating of clear gloss sealer to protect from damages.  After everything was dry I added a little pillow to the chair.  The pillows are another DIY project I did during craft week at the PA House.  I will post about how I did those as well.  They are so easy and look fabulous!  After the project was all done I spent about $15 bucks.  The chair I had originally picked out was $150.00!  Again, I am pretty proud of my handy work on this one.  Pat’s too!  He is such an all around know it all, in a good way ha ha.


All in all the dumpster chair turned out amazing!  She looks great in our living space!  We still call her the “Dumpster Chair” though.  I am so excited to share this with you!  It was so simple.  Took a bit of time but well worth the money in the end.

More awesome travels, tales, recipes and crafts to come!favicon


  • Dumpster chair looks amazing. Great job Ashley and Pat. She is really cute with her little pillow….

  • Love the color. I wouldn’t have thought of that color. It looks like something that would cost a fortune. Can’t wait to hear about the pillow. I need some new ones and hate paying so much for them at the store.

  • Great Job, Ashley. The chairs I gave you for your apt. in S.C. would look wonderful with this chair, maybe would have to be repainated. Are they still at your dad’s, is not, ok.

    • Grams, you are so right! Oh my gosh they would look amazing! They are still in storage, I’ll have to see if Dad can ship them or something! Thanks for the idea I am super excited to finally have a place to put them! I love those chairs you gave me! Thanks again Grams!


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