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First blog post of my new site!  It was difficult to pick the first topic, but I chose to write about how we eat.  When I say we I mean my better half and I.  I will reference him, Patrick, quite a bit seeing as he is that master mind behind many of our meals and the creator of our workout plans.  It would just not be fair to not give him the credit he deserves.

That being said, eating paleo is eating like our ancestors did in the Paleolithic era, hence the name.  Our diets are most likely a bit different then other paleo eaters out there because we are trying to mold this style of eating with one that fits our workouts.  We follow the wise advise from autor at, Martin Berkhan (reverse pyramid training, check it out).  With eating paleo also comes being gluten-free.  Being gluten-free gets to be a bit frustrating because I get asked all the time if I am ill?  I simply reply, “No, just trying to eat healthy.”

We have only been at this two years, when I type that it actually sounds like a really long time.  Anyway, we are still learning how to mold our lifestyles into the ones we desire.  Everyday I learn something new about this paleo lifestyle and I want to share a few with others.  At first, we would try just paleo.  We ate meats and veggies and nuts.  Now that is all we eat.  Along with no gluten and very small amounts of processed foods.  Eating gluten-free and minimal processed foods actually comes naturally with this lifestyle.  At the grocery stores you will find me at the meat counter or in the fresh produce, everything in the center is just nasty!  Except icecream, that is a hard one to get ride of.  🙂

This is one of my favorite paleo meals:beans&protein  So simple too.  Steak and beans. Patrick does all the seasoning when it comes to meats.  For this one in particular he just used crushed black pepper.  Steak is so yummy by itself, no need to over do it.  For the beans, you make a little pouch out of tin foil.  Sprinkle a little olive oil, lemon juice, crushed black pepper, and salt on them.  Put two ice cubes in your pouch and close it up.  Place them on the grill for 15 minuets.  Again, so yummy and simple.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have on paleo eating.  Once you get into a groove it becomes very simple to plan your meals.  More yummy recipes and intriguing information to come so keep reading!

Why not try something new?

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