hair cutting

Hello all and happy 2014!

I have been cutting Pat’s hair for years now.  I am pretty much a pro at his style ha ha.  I started cutting my own hair while traveling in Canada.  I found that it was extremely expensive to get a hair cut!  And who has the time!  While backpacking I could not ask Pat to slow down while I fixed my hair or polished my nails.  I grabbed the scissors and cut away.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going to my best friend Mistie in Iowa for hours of pampering and coffees.  She is the best!  But when I do not have her around or am trying to save some money, which I am always doing, I just do my own hair.  I asked Mistie for advice and watched youtube and searched Pinterest before actually doing it for the first time.


Pat and I have saved a considerable amount of cash by having me cut our hair.  Try it sometime!  Then go out for a treat with all that new found money you saved 😉




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