halloween 2013 is approaching

I am so in love with Halloween!  I love the decorations, the candy and the costumes.  But most of all, I love the scariness!  Horror movies are my favorite!  Every year I carve a pumpkin that I get from the pumpkin patch.  Pumpkin patches are the best places to get your pumpkins and apples for fall!  Pat and I travel miles to visit the best pumpkin patches.  I do not think he enjoys it much but he does it because I enjoy it, he is just so sweet.


Pat and I picking out my little sister’s pumpkin.  Halloween 2011 in Nebraska.


Our pumpkin cart with Pat, Sam, and I’s pumpkins.  We also got apples for applesauce!










Pat took me to a large pumpkin patch in Queen Creek, AZ last year for our pumpkins.  We had a blast!  Halloween 2012 in Arizona.




I like to have little pumpkin carving parties each Halloween.  My little sis always comes, seriously she is always there love that!  It was really hard when I was in AZ and she was in IA for pumpkin carving last year.  Such a bummer.  Last year I decided to do something a bit different.  Something more crafty.  I carved an H in our pumpkin because both of our last names start with that letter.  Then I took another small pumpkin and covered it with spray glue and black glitter.  The end result was super cute but what a mess!


This year we decided not to do pumpkins but to do cardboard monsters!  I saw this on Pinterest as well but was not sure how to execute the project.  We had tons of cardboard around because we just purchased new furniture and I could not think of anything better then to make it into monsters.

I drew out our monsters on the cardboard then cut them out.  Just like you would a pumpkin, you have to think about the areas you want the light to shine though.

Our monsters turned out fabulous!  And no mess!  They took maybe 30 minutes to make and look really spooky from our windows.  I am just so excited about our monsters, if only my sis was here to see them!  I know she would think they were just as spooky cool!



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