love my buns

Gluten free is how we try to live our lives.  We are fortunate to be fully healthy we just choose to not eat gluten.  This can be hard when your better half loves hambergers!  We had to come up with a bun alternative.  We tried so many different concoctions and recipes it is not even funny!  We began to give up hope, then I came across a recipe from Maria’s Nutritious and Delicious Journal.  It is the best by far!  I strongly encourage you to all try these buns!  They do not take long to make and they are much better for you, not to mention very filling!  I posted the recipe we tried here, I also posted the link to Maria’s site below, it is a great read!


For Maria’s recipe and filling suggestions click here and check it out.  Also, if you are like Pat and I and read all nutrition labels and facts, you can find that information at her site as well.


Our meal after a great workout at the gym, cheese burgers, broccoli, and potatoes.  Carbs and protein are needed after a hard workout to refuel your body and help restore muscle.  It is said that you should have four grams of carbs to every one gram of protein.  So just remember, 4:1 after a workout to help keep your body energized for the next workout!


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