no poo!

You are probably thinking that I am completely crazy by saying this but here it goes, we do not use shampoo.

Patrick and I went no poo a few weeks ago.  It has been an experience!  Let me tell you a bit of the theory behind the whole idea of no poo.

In the U.S. the thought of not shampooing one’s hair even for just a day makes them squirm.  Shampoo cleans the scalp by stripping it of it’s natural oils.  By doing this, the scalp then produces more oils to make up for the loss.  This is one of the reasons why shampooing became part of our daily routines.  Another reason why shampooing is so important to us occurred during the 70s and 80s.  The formula of shampoos on the market became less invasive on our scalps.  As a result, we needed to use more shampoo to get the same results as older formulas of shampoo.

No pooers belong to two categories, those who are environmentally cautious and those who believe it is a hidden beauty secret for some to profit on.  Patrick and I began this journey because we are building healthy bodies, you only have one.  Shampoos today are made up of harsh chemicals, most I cannot pronounce.  I do not see a good enough reason to scrub that into my scalp on a daily baises.  Besides, by going no poo you save a bit of cash.  Who doesn’t more of that anyway.  🙂

There are many different ways of going no poo.  Patrick quite cold turkey.  I  am slowly making my way to complete no poo.  I use shampoo when I feel like I need to, and when I do I try to use very little.  There are some tricks out there to try too.  Baking soda and a bit of water will make a paste that you can scrub into your scalp to help get rid of some excess oils.  Apple cider vinager diluted with water helps keep your hair smooth.  Just pour it on your ends.  I also tried some advice I got from a different blog that suggested you use egg to give your hair more protein which would make it shinny.  Wow was that a bad idea.  I woke up the next morning to find my hair so oily!  It may work of some, but for me it was a flop.  haha.

I suggest you all try going no poo.  It takes from two to six weeks for your scalp to adjust.  It seems long but it will be worth it in the end.  I had some rough patches but I am so glad we did this.  My hair is not as much of a hassel as it was pre no poo days.  It takes me less time in the mornings to get ready which is great because that means more time for making memories!

Give her a go and let me know whatcha think!


  • Well well well …. deep thought on this one. Smell? I would be afraid of a rancid type odor. Is that what the baking soda is for? It would absord odor. I will pass on this I think for now.


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