no sew pillows

I was looking to save money on home furnishings when we moved to our second home.  Minimal and decently priced was what I was going for.  It is hard to “decorate” for Pat and I because we do not like “stuff” around.  Lots of quotes, sorry.  We like our place simple, tidy, neat and clean.  Everything has a place.  We have very few furniture items in our home, actually we have very few items total!  And we like it this way.  The items we do own all serve a purpose.  As Pat would say, “If it’s a onesie, don’t buy it.”  I catch myself asking that question where ever I go now.

Anyway, back to the pillows.  I wanted to add just a touch of color into our new living space with small pillows.  I cannot sew but if my sis or mom were here they would totally have made some for me cause they are the best!  But, because they are not in Arizona with me, I turned to Pinterest!

I found amazing ideas for no sew pillows on there.  Tons and tons of sites and designs!  I am going to tell you how I made mine but you should really check out Pinterest for more ideas.  Just search “no sew pillow.”



Again, this is just one idea I found during my search on Pinterest.  There are so many more out there that would be fun to try!  Share your pictures and stories with Growing My Life!


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