our sense of smell

 If you ask my better half, he would most likely say that I am obsessed with our home smelling good.  I spend tons of money on scented candles and I have giving thousands to Air Wick.  I set out one day to find a natural alternative to making our home smell like Christmas.

I found a recipe for something called a simmer pot, ever heard of it?  Or tried it?  Well I did.  Simmering pots are great!  I was impressed!  Just tossed in some oranges, cinnamon sticks, cranberries, vanilla and water.  As it simmers it gives off a sweet aroma.  Be careful to check on it every so often because you will have to keep adding water.


There are several recipes out there.  I am excited to try more!  I would love to hear what you have tried!  Pictures please!



  • I have done this normally around Christmas before. Normally though I would just buy a premade package at the store. So now I am going to research what I need to buy to make my own for Christmas. What would make a house smell like Christmas? Pine? Cinnamon? Snow? Now how do you make the smell of snow?

    • That is a tough one, snow. A really good idea, I will have to do some research on that one and get back to you for sure! The smell of snow in Arizona would be very exciting!


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