paleo GF chicken noodle soup

Pat and I had all this paleo chicken broth from the weeks meals and it was getting chilly outside so what better to make then chicken noodle soup!  I wanted to make homemade egg noodles for the soup because my love had never had them!  I was shocked ha ha.  For our recipe I added a bit of spice to the noodles to give the soup a kick.

We turned this recipe into a very hardy soup.  The soup has to be the entire meal for us not only to save money but for meal nutrition as well.  It makes tracking our intake easier down the road.  With some soups you have to have some bread or crackers or salad to really fill you up.  We try to make the soup the meal itself so we are not craving those bad foods.  This soup is not your average chicken noodle soup.  It is Pat and Ash’s paleo GF soup where everything down to the broth is homemade!  I cannot wait to share our recipe with everyone!  It was our first attempt at chicken noodle and it turned out so yummy!

As a side note, I do want to write a little bit on potatoes.  I did put yukon gold potatoes in this recipe.  Potatoes are a toss up for paleo eaters.  Decide what is best for your body and what your end goals are before tossing in some potatoes.  Potatoes should be limited for everyone.  As my dad would say, “Monitor your intake.”  The meal will be fabulous with or without the extra carbs.


chickensoupraw Chicken noodle soup raw!  Before the cook.  Just need to add the paleo chicken broth and egg noodles.


I hope you enjoy our recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup.  Spicy GF egg noodles really make a difference in flavor!  This meal was so much fun to make.  From the bones to broth and the rolling of the noodles.  It did take us a few days but the flavors and aromas were mouth watering.  Our home has smelled like Thanksgiving dinner for weeks now.  Enjoy eating healthy everyone!

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