the sweet potato

After a crazy workout at the gym Patrick and I are looking for a large amount of healthy carbohydrates to help our muscles recover.  Sweet potatoes are one of our favorite!  They give you a sweet taste, almost like a dessert but without the bad sugars.  I believe sugar is one of the most addictive substances!  But that is for another day, back to my sweet potatoes.


So, after a workout Patrick and I eat tons of healthy carbs and protein to help our bodies recover.  Our favorite way to cook the sweet potatoes is baking them.  Here is my recipe for chili garlic baked sweet potatoes, super yummy!  The save good too!



To make a complete meal,  with the correct amount of healthy carbs and protein I suggest you eat these with grilled chicken, a fruit such as strawberries and brown rice.  The quantity is important here.  Patrick and I eat a lot more because we are very active.  On resting days we eat very light.  If you are not very active but looking to eat healthier this is still a good meal filled with nutrients, just “monitor your intake” as my dad would say.

I’d love to hear if you tried the potatoes and what your thoughts were, please share!  Also, if you have any sweet potatoes recipes that are to die for please share those too, I would love to try them!

Enjoy everyone!

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