wool dryer balls

Hello everyone,

My life has been crazy lately, I have been itching to find time to share my latest DIY adventure with everyone!

My latest mission is to get rid of all the chemicals in my laundry room!  I got great ideas from friends and Pinterest on this subject.  It has been months in the making of research and projects!  I cannot wait to share the adventures of turning my laundry room into a all natural setting with you!

First, dryer sheets.  I love the smell they give our clothes, but I hate spending the money on something that simply smells.  I researched how I could cut costs and DIY.  Wool Dryer Balls.  When I was making these last night Patrick was so confused, you’ll see the process and understand why.  When we tried them out today we were both so excited!  Patrick especially because it saves money.  Here is how I made our dryer balls.


What you will need:

  • 100% pure wool that is NOT labeled “washable” this is crucial.  I made four tennis ball sized laundry balls out of about 440 yards of wool.
  • scissors
  • pantyhose or tights
  • essential oils, not necessary but give your laundry a lovely smell.


Wrap the wool around your index and middle fingers a couple of times.


Now, wrap the wool around the middle making a bow.

woolballspt3Keep wrapping tightly to form a ball, about the size of a tennis ball.


Cut the wool and tuck it under.  I looped and tied a knot just to be safe they would not come apart.  Repeat these steps until you have the desired amount of dryer balls.


Here is the step where I received strange looks from Patrick.  Once you have your wool balls rolled, tie a knot in the end of the pantyhose.  Stuff one ball in and tie another knot.  Repeat with all four balls making a chain.  Wash them on the hottest setting with your next load of laundry.  Dry them on the hottest setting as well.


When you take them out of the dryer and pantyhose your wool dryer balls will be tightly compacted together.  You are almost done!

woolballspt7Lastly, if you wish for your wool dryer balls to give your clothes a fragrance you can add a few drop of essential oil.  I choose eucalyptus.

Pop them in the dryer with every load.  The essential oil should last a few loads before having to add more.

Not only do the wool dryer balls save you money by not having to buy dryer sheets but they also fluff up your cloths while in the dryer and dry them just a little faster.


This is an extremely cost effective DIY project that I think everyone should try.  Next up I will be making my own detergent!  If you have a good recipe pass it on over, I’d love to try it!


Thanks everyone!  Happy Holidays!


  • This is a super cool idea. I wanna try it. Where did you get your essential oil from?

    • Hobby Lobby has everything you need. The oil was a bit pricey there, $6.99 I believe, and they have about 7 or 8 scents. Walmart or Michaels may have a better price.


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